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Average salary for programmers at Google


Google programmers salaries

Many are seeking to work with the giant American company Google, which has over the years outperformed its competitors in providing many electronic services, with the Google search engine being at the forefront; Where the company requires exceptional skills commensurate with the salaries of programmers in Google, and other jobs it has such as accounts, Adwords assistants, database management, business analysis and people with experience in data protection, ethical hackers and many technical jobs that many people aspire to obtain with the American giant, During this topic, we will shed light on what raises the curiosity of many about the salaries of programmers at Google.


Google  company

What is the salary of programmers at Google?

The salaries of programmers at Google depend mainly on the level and experience of the programmer, and this is the nature of this work when evaluating the salaries of programmers and developers in general, even those who go through the experience of freelancing remotely. time, as well as the extent of the spread of the language and its practical applications.

All of these things mainly control the salaries of programmers, starting with those who work through freelance platforms and ending with programmers at Google and other major international companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, etc.

Google programmers salaries have special criteria?

Yes, it has standards specific to the giant company Google, and also different, as we find the salaries of programmers in America with Google are relatively different from the salaries of programmers in the UAE, as well as other Google branches around the world, and this also applies to the salaries of Google employees in other jobs.

Average annual salary for programmers at Google USA

As follows, you can find the average salary of Google programmers in the United States:

191 thousand dollars for the level of "SWE II" annually

267 thousand dollars for the level of "SWE III" annually

355 thousand dollars for the level of "Senior SWE" annually

$489,000 for "Staff SWE" annually

$672,000 per year for Senior Staff SWE

1000020 dollars for the level of "Principal Engineer" annually


The average salary of Google employees according to the levels mentioned above depends mainly on the experience factor, in addition to the nature of the offer that Google mentions at the time of announcing the required job.

Working for Google requires a lot of skills?

If you aspire to get a prestigious job, that is, you must be exceptional in your work to join the Google programmers team and get the average salary for software engineers in such a giant company.

You may actually be frustrated when interviewing for a job with Google if you are not confident that your work is worth joining the company and getting Google salaries and what it will pay you for what you will add individually or collectively to serve their huge business activities.

You are not the only one looking to work for them as a programmer or even join other Google jobs, and always remember that the opposite of success is not failure but that you did not try.

Google always wants to raise its big brand, and the salaries of programmers at Google are not given for nothing. They are for programmers who have passed many interviews, and had the ability and effectiveness to work within the Google team, and this is the case for giant technology companies such as Google, Facebook or Microsoft.

There are many who were rejected by Google, and they did not despair and became part of the company’s programmers team. After many attempts, the programmers’ salaries at Google were not the main motive for them, but rather their confidence in what they do is worthy of such a global company.

How do I learn programming languages ​​to qualify to work for Google?

In order to start learning programming languages ​​and become a programmer, there are many and many languages ​​that you can learn that are very similar in their functions and practical applications, but let me tell you that you will learn any programming language you would like to become within your skills within a few months after you acquire the first programming language seriously.

Your ability to innovate and solve software problems is what always makes the difference for you in this interesting field, whether you are working as a freelancer or as a programmer with Google and similar companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Dropbox, and many major companies that are waiting for every programmer who has a passion and determination to work in them.

Now I will tell you about some of the most popular programming languages ​​in the labor market as of the time of writing these lines, with which you can take the first steps of this path:






You must now know the applications of each language, and then start learning through the different programming education platforms. You will find many free lessons for each language, and implement the first project that expresses your own abilities to understand the language in which you work, and deal with the free work environment.

Programmer salaries at Google at the beginning of work

You will not get the salaries of programmers at Google at first as a return to you, but you will get a good return compared to other incomes until you reach the level that qualifies you to work with Google or with major international technology companies that you want to work with and aspire to get their salaries.